Thursday, April 12, 2012

Revised Website

The NDF website has been renamed  We will redesign the site to go along with the change in name.  The primary audience is the multitude of victims of hospital bedsores, both those afflicted and the loved ones of those afflicted.  The initial impact will be designed to welcome the visitor who has now found a community of victims with which he or she will be able to accomplish something through joint action. 

Those who recognize that they have found what they have so long sought will be asked to join forces in a meaningful way by first making a contribution, and pledging continued financial support.  All will be asked to become active by investigating what their own state is doing to require hospital reporting of pressure ulcer medical errors, and by exposing those hospitals that are causing patient suffering and death.

Each month the home page will be dedicated to the investigation of a single state, followed by action to urge the state to require hopital reporting of pressure ulcer errors to match the very best states.  This constatntly changing useful content of the website should result in improved search engine ranking.

First page prominence will also be given to those hospitals that have eliminated bedsores through adoption of the NDF Prevention Protocol.  A logo containing those words will be designed to clearly brand the NDF as the authority for bedsore prevention.

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