Monday, March 18, 2013

NY State Bill Would Require NDF Protocol in Hospitals

The NDF has been contacted by a representative of the NY State Legislature to inform us that a bill modeled after the New Jersey Law is making its way through the State Senate.  The New York bill covers hospitals as well as nursing homes, whereas the New Jersey law includes nursing homes only.  Hospitals   would be required to have on hand sufficient pressure-relieving mattresses to be provided to every pressure ulcer at-risk patient upon admission to the hospital.

It was explained that this is something some members of the legislature have wanted to do for some time, but the results of the last election had only now made possible.  We were also told that when New York passes such a law, other states are likely to follow.  The law will be known as "Nellie's Law".   This is an extremely hopeful development as we continue to strive for eradication of hospital-caused bedsores.

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