Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flap Fails to Close

A recent press release from JusticeNews (Clinitron Bed Management For Flap Patients Is The Standard Of Care, 2013-06-19) brought back angry memories of my mother's hospitalization and death.  For exactly the reasons stated in the press release quoted below,  the hospital and the plastic surgeon refused to pay to rent the air fluidized bed that is the standard of care for flap patients.  Her surgery failed three times, and only one night in all that time was she allowed to have the Clinitron bed.

"Patients, providers, and families expend great effort in attempting closure of Grade 3 and Grade 4 decubitus ulcers. Patients die, become progressively debilitated, suffer a loss independence, and become progressively depressed directly because of decubitus ulcers. All necessary and appropriate care must be utilized for these patients, and that would include the use of clinitron beds after flap closure. Cost cutting and the rationing of state of the art medical care should not compromise this unfortunate population and all attempts must be made to obtain a successful flap outcome. The prospect of using less expensive beds that have inferior pressure relieving capabilities is a repulsive idea that is the result of unjustified rationing of medical services brought on by aggressive hospital administers trying to save cost and the expense of patients who suffer from chronically disabling conditions."

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